Gibbous (Imbolc)


When the timing is just so – let it go ! Feel your powerful energy affirm your creation with this beeswax candle filled with winter proof herbs. Sing along with Sister Elsa as she uses this same ‘Frozen’ energy to shift perspectives and shape her world.. you can too with Gibbous!

The Acolyte Ritual Kit comes with anointing oil.

The Seeker Ritual Kit comes with a sample amount of powdered incense (and the charcoal to burn it) and anointing oil.

The Alchemist Ritual Kit comes with double the amount of incense in a glass jar and anointing oil.

The Curator Ritual Kit provides a 25% discount on a bundled package of three complete Alchemist Kits.



To the many blessings that are weaved within the Waxing Light. May the torches be lit, hearts be encouraged; one’s rites be of purity; of glorious power. You are here; now — You, are welcome

Ignite in the afternoon a day before the Moon is Full & leave it burning all night to receive an emergence of hidden mysteries in one’s subconsciousness.

Candlesticks work fantastically on any fire safe mount and rarely drip, occasionally spatter.

Elements: Angelica Root, Cedar Wood tips, Chamomile Flower, Lavender Flowers, Mint, Myrrh Gum, Nettle Leaf, Pine Needle, Rosemary, White Willow Bark

Anointment: First Light Oil & White Biodegradable Glitter

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16" Pair of Gibbous, 16" Single Gibbous, 8" Pair of Gibbous, 8" Single Gibbous, 16" Mix n Match Pairs (Pick 2!), 8" Mix n Match Pairs (Pick 2!)

Ritual Kits

Just Candles, please!, Ritual Kit Acolyte, Ritual Kit Seeker, Ritual KIt Alchemist, Ritual Kit Curator (Pick 3!)


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