Stag (Mabon – Autumn Equinox)




To the original honoring of bountiful harvest, fruitfulness & the balance between light & dark. May the Horned One grant strength in one’s authentic self.

Ignite to conjure mature masculine power from within & invoke strength, steadiness, solidarity, inspiration, & desires.

Elements: Cedar Wood tips, Mandrake Root, Patchouli Leaf, Pine Needle, Vetiver

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16" Pair of Stag, 16" Single Stag, 8" Pair of Stag, 8" Single Stag, 16" Mix n Match Pairs (Pick 2!), 8" Mix n Match Pairs (Pick 2!)

Ritual Kits

Just Candles, please!, Acolyte Ritual Kit, Seeker Ritual Kit, Alchemist Ritual Kit, Curator Ritual Kit (Pick 3!)


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