Lady Amalthea


Behold, the last unicorn. Express ultimate individuality, stand out in the moment, utilize natural forces to protect peace.



To the blossoming of spiritual sacraments, divine arrival & crescendoing of expression.

Breath in connections that enable a humans existence, kindle the constant changing state of being an enigma.

“A Unicorn knows no regret – only love.” – Peter S. Beagle, as Schmedrik the Magician, The Last Unicorn.  

Ignite for ultra personalized creative & reflective self expression. Bring yourself closer within the energy of nature. Create a special link, lay line with the Fae realm.

(Ostara – Spring Equinox)

Elements: Daffodils, Elder Flower, Hawthorne Flower, Horsetail, Lavender Flowers, Marigold Flower, Narcissus Flower, Olive Leaf, Passion Flower, Rose Buds & Petals

Anointment: Golden Unicorn Oil & Gold Biodegradable Glitter

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16" Pair of Lady Amalthea, 16" Single Lady Amalthea, 8" Pair of Lady Amalthea, 8" Single Lady Amalthea, 16" Mix n Match Pairs (Pick 2!), 8" Mix n Match Pairs (Pick 2!)

Ritual Kits

Just Candles, please!, Acolyte Ritual Kit, Seeker Ritual Kit, Alchemist Ritual Kit, Curator Ritual Kit (Pick 3!)


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