Yuletide (Christmas – Winter Solstice)


Celebrate with this festive beeswax candle. Complete with the same herbs and resin sanctioned by Three Wise Men.

Become born anew by ritualizing the greatest gift of all: your presence.



Inside the darkest of nights comes the promise of lights return. May the rebirth of the shining Sun set ablaze the essences of life in the dawn of humankind.
Ignite for honoring the giving & receiving wholeness in one’s true will.

Pro tip: Keep the remains with your Yule log ashes for the next years celebration.

Elements: Cedar Wood tips, Chamomile Flower, Comfrey Leaf, Elder Flower, Frankincense, Juniper Leaf, Myrrh Gum

Anointment: Yule Oil & Gold Biodegradable Glitter

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16" Pair of Yuletide, 16" Single Yuletide, 8" Pair of Yuletide, 8" Single Yuletide, 16" Mix n Match Pairs (Pick 2!), 8" Mix n Match Pairs (Pick 2!)

Ritual Kits

Just Candles, please!, Acolyte Ritual Kit, Seeker Ritual Kit, Alchemist Ritual Kit, Curator Ritual Kit (Pick 3!)


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