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How does magick feel when it’s right ?

When you accomplish a magickal act, you feel a sense of elevation or satisfaction. This feeling of emmiance is experienced when one expresses their true will. True will is always affected by belief. The steering of that belief toward desire is the act of Magick.

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What is Magick? Why Candles? Herbs?

Magick is creating an intended effect upon reality. Whether you believe it or not; nature has a spiritual power. The intentional shifting of that power into a specific direction is the act of magick, or simply faith, and even belief can have a gentle effect. In fact, the stronger your belief * in your will be done, the more resilient your affect.

*A short note on belief: Faith healers, schizophrenic sufferers, wall street analysts, storytellers, priests, politicians of all sorts have used beliefs to shape their, and others reality. Belief in pink elephants may not manifest a massive pink elephant in your garage, but you may see a piece of art reflecting them, or someone might pass a story affirming your belief.. it’s all part of the third dimensional experience. Using belief coupled with imagination and desire creates an unexplainable magickal force. That force can be used to quietly influence your surroundings and help you manifest your truest will and desires.

Magick is a simple act of directing energy towards an intended purpose. This generates a magnetism that draws in “power” // “energy” // “galactic and evolutionary quantum physics indicators (?)” which in turn results in an outcome. Since the universe is entirely made up of this energy, lots of things can steer your intended energy focus “bomb” off course – by drawing your attention towards “itself” = constant vigilance is key when casting a magick act.

Wait. What, exactly IS a Magickal act? A Magickal act is a third dimensional performance that generates a tighter bond with your spiritual self, and natural forces. The key is alignment with true self. Nature has its own spiritual energy and many people would consider our own spiritual being tied closely within it.

We understand nature is in cycles and honoring those cycles we are blessed with joy from unseen ancients; simple joys that come yearly and they are all different, elementally, and within nature.

Magickal acts follow natural guidelines, honor the subtle energy of all that is and guide it towards our desire. The more aligned your desire is to true will, the more eminence you’ll experience.

Knowing this desire is the great mystery of life. Discovering it can prove to be quite the quest. Ritual is your way to divine the greater vision for existence. So many cultures have their own forms of ritual.

There is only one I wish to discuss here and that is Ritual Magick. Ritual Magick is a third-dimensional performance to lift and direct your ‘spirits’ by setting the stage for the transformation of thought. Using every tool, in the right way can further enhance, reinforce, activate, invoke, altar, energies.

Setting the stage for the ritualistic magickal act may include:

Casting a cleansing circle

Setting up an altar table (a place for items of significance, ritual tools, honoring to ancestors or spiritual beings, or even elementals, fictional beings, crystals – virtually anything the or substance that has meaning to you or tribe or collective.

Calling the four corners (directions)

Calling or recognizing any being that you wish to honor.

Sacrifices of crushed herbs, plant resins relate unseen elemental energies

Most every ritual begins with candles. Candlesticks are the cornerstone (or centerpiece) of any ritual. They set the stage for the act. Herbal blends and essential oils have long held to folk magic uses, and perhaps even in this modern era their influences still apply.