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MagickStick, the ritual candlestick.

In your hands you wield an ancient power. The power, simply put, is to bring light to darkness. Darkness takes many forms, but, like everything has strength and a weakness… it is this weakness we wish to exploit.

A MagickStick candlestick has been equipped with proven sources of power… herbs, resins, minerals combined to lend influence.

Tip the scales in your favor. Believe in yourself and with a simple act, make swift, tremendous change in your life.

For maximum result: Accompany your ritual technique with anointing or essential oil. Apply in a swirling upward motion releasing your strength in intention while repeating a mantra or command. Know it sincerely, feel it deeply. Ignite incense or resin on charcoal. Let it succumb your senses and take your consciousness to another time. Invoke your conviction with chant, mantra, command. Call forth powers unseen, ancestors, elements, directions, even quibits.

Only your belief is necessary for this act.

Repeat after me, times three, times three, times three …

β€œIn no way will this spell reverse, Or place upon me any curse.

As my will so mote it be.As it is done, so it shall be.”

You can see examples of our candlesticks in use here: