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How to order

We offer varying levels of products to fit the myriad of magickal interests.

First, MagickStick candlesticks come in two sizes, 16″ and 8″. Some people like having pairs of candles for an aesthetic, others appreciate just one. We allow you to choose. When you buy pairs, the price is slightly reduced.

Second, decide what Ritual Kit fits for you. We offer just the scented anointing oil blend alone, or paired with a sample sized small bag or double the amount of powdered incense in a jar.

The Alchemist Ritual Kit comes complete with incense in a glass jar and the anointing oil.

Our finest offering is the The Curator Ritual Kit package. It provides three different Alchemist Kits (of your choice) with pairs of 16″ MagickStick for just $99.

We have two starter packages with easy pricing so you can get the feel for our products. The Acolyte Ritual Kit comes with just the anointing oil; while the Seeker Ritual Kit adds the sample amount of powdered incense as well.

We recommend bundling several items during your purchase as the priority mail shipping box is a one time $7.20 or complementary after $30 in product.